City Lites, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization

CITY LITES, INC.  is a non-profit charitable organization.  As Flagler county's premiere multicultural musical entertainment resource, City Lites produces events and musical/dramatic performances annually.  Their fundraisers provide scholarships to college-bound youth majoring in the arts or who demonstrate interest in arts and culture.  Best known for showstopper performances of Motown and Mo’, one of the non-profit’s highest achievements was arriving on the sound stage of the Dennis A. Fitzgerald Flagler Auditorium in 2012.  The show always receives rave reviews from the community wherever they have performed.  Show director for the past several years, and current president of City Lites, Jimmy Sims, says the cast and crew work hard.  “They are local people that you see every day at the post office, the doctor’s office, at Walmart.  We walk among you, but we all come together for a common cause, to support our youth.” 

Founder of the Motown and Mo’ show, the late Carlos Butler said in a 1998 Flagler/Palm Coast News-Tribune release, “When I taught in Peekskill High School in New York, each year, I’d take the Black Culture Club on a cruise, and I’d fundraise by doing this type of show, the parents would get up on stage and be The Temptations – or Ike and Tina Turner – and the kids would do the latest rap or hip-hop songs.”  During that time the show was so popular, then New York Gov. George Pataki, former mayor of Peekskill, asked her to direct a production for the Town of Peekskill and she accepted.  After moving to Palm Coast, Butler brought “Motown and Mo’” to the Lewis E. Wadsworth School in 1998 as a fundraiser for the Little Theatre of Palm Coast and eventually to the Flagler Playhouse.  The “Motown & Mo’” premiere knocked the socks off Palm Coast audiences.  Butler retired from directing 10 seasons of “Motown & Mo,’” giving the show artistic vision at the Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center in 2007.  

It was during Season 11 of “Motown & Mo’” that City Lites, Inc. became the production company behind the musical entertainment at the Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center.  Carlos Butler joined the Board of Directors at City Lites.  Her continued support was welcomed as she also had many years of experience directing shows such as “Purlie”, “Guys and Dolls” and “A Raisin in the Sun.”  Sadly, Butler passed away in 2016, just prior to that year’s show.  Cast member Dr. Irving W. Robinson evoked prayers of gratitude to Carlos Butler as she tapped into such a successful show and left a profound legacy.   Jimmy Sims, stated the decision to bring the show home to Flagler County was important.  In addition to affording youth of FPC High School the opportunity to work with City Lites crew on technical theater lighting and audio production, he has the pleasure of working with the Flagler Auditorium’s director, Amelia Fulmer, a staunch supporter of the community, the arts and arts education for youth.  Fulmer has provided wonderful support to our Board members in planning "Motown and Mo’" advertising and performance dates.

President                          Jimmy Sims
Vice Pres.                          Dr. Irving Robinson
Secretary                          Barbara Jackson
Corresp Sec'ry                  Eileen Hopson
Treasurer                          William Hopson
Financial Sec'ry               Charlene Adams-Nixon
Marketing/Promotion    Meshella woods
Sargent at Arms              Ron Ambrose
Ways and Means             Margaret James